International IT Management

Welcome to the homepage of International IT Management, Consulting, Services, Training, Administration Resources. Your specialist for SAP² CRM operational concepts in all stages of an IT project with SAP² CRM software, independent whether it is or was a green- or brownfield installation or an already existing project, or when you have some concerns about data quality and data processing speed in your already existing SAP² CRM System Landscape.

IMCoSTAR GmbH was established 2009 in Germany by Dipl.Wirt.Ing.(FH) Holger W. Mueller to deliver various services in regards to SAP² CRM and connected systems to SAP users and clients worldwide. Experience saves time and money since 1998.

During this long period a philosophy and methodology of „ProActive CRM System Management“ for SAP ² CRM system landscapes was developed to ensure a high data consistency and a maximum fast data processing speed (depending on the possibilities of the system landscape’s hardware).

This homepage shall give you an introduction into IMCoSTAR’s sphere of work, their deliverables and also – hopefully – some very interesting insights into the world of SAP CRM.

Enjoy reading!

Please consider that this home page is actually under construction. New information will be provided soon!


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