proActive CRM System Management

“ProActive CRM System Management” is the philosophy of supervising all system levels of a CRM system landscape to enable an optimum and consistent data flow.

Our customer specific training „proActive CRM System Management“ enables members of customers CRM support staff to identify issues in data flow on all relevant system levels. Depending on the really identified issues, hints and advice will be given to train the understanding how it is possible to get rid of the actual issues. Some of the standard issues will also be handled theoretically when they actually do not appear on the customer systems.

Durationone to three days depending on the system landscape and the project stage
Preparationone day (system access to customer system is required to adapt training content to the particular needs of customers system landscape)
Group sizeone to ten attendees
Locationat customers location, world wide
Codemention pACSMan when you write to