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Experience is the most effective requisite to be successful in a CRM project. When you are missing experience in some application areas of CRM, books are a good first approach to get more information or to deepen knowledge when you have already some high-level information about CRM application.

The following selection of books shall give you a short overview about that what is really essential when you have to deal with CRM System Landscapes.

SAP© R/3© Administration

To give you a good introduction how to run your CRM System Landscape consisting of a CRM and a ERP system, these books may help:

  • SAP* R/3* Systemadministration
    Basiswissen für das R/3-Systemmanagement
    Liane Will
    Galileo Press
    ISBN 978-3-82731-356-0

CRM System Management

To avoid that your CRM System Landscape will remain as a book with 7 seals, these books may help:

  • Workshop Documentation WDECR1
    “ProActive CRM Middleware Management”
    Holger W. Müller
    SAP Material No. 50081234 (English)

CRM Middleware

To avoid that dataflow level of your CRM System Landscape is a mystery for you, these books may help:

  • Optimierung der SAP* CRM Middleware
    Bode, Golze, Schröder
    Galileo Press
    ISBN 978-3-89842-846-0 (German)

UI Development

If you need to know how data can be shown in yourCRM System Landscape these books may help:

  • SAP * CRM Web Client
    Customizing und Entwicklung
    The CRM UI technology compendium
    Michael Füchsle, Matthias E. Zierke
    Galileo Press
    ISBN 978-3-83621-287-8 (German), 475 pages
    ISBN 978-1-59229-297-4 (English) 350 pages


If you want to speed up your CRM System Landscape , these books may help:

  • SAP*-Performanceoptimierung
    Analyse und Tuning von SAP-Systemen
    Thomas Schneider
    Galileo Press
    ISBN 978-3-89842-703-6 (German)
  • SAP*-BW-Performanceoptimierung
    Thomas Schröder
    Galileo Press
    ISBN 978-3-89842-718-0 (German)

Sales & Distribution

If you want to turn questions to answers in SD application area, these books may help:

  • Implementing SAP* ERP Sales & Distribution
    Essential skills for SAP Professionals
    Glynn C. Williams
    The McGraw-Hill Companies
    ISBN 978-0-07-149705-3 (English)