Promise of Transparency

Concept of „proActive CRM System Management” For SAP CRM System Landscapes

Excerpts from “Promise of Transparency” - Report

A regular key and success factor of “proactive CRM System Management”, internationally deli- vered by IMCoSTAR GmbH, is the so-called “Promise of Transparency” report. In this report several KPIs are displayed for each month the service is provided to give a detailed information about the quality for the overall system landscape status. It also offers the information about the results of monthly System Management delivered by IMCoSTAR. This is an optional service.

Promise of Transparency

The green lines indicate good activity that should move upwards; the red lines indicate bad activities that should move downwards if. The black lines are neutral activities that changes based on the monthly traffic volumes.

All KPIs and their development will be explained in separate chapters for each KPI.

This analysis let you grasp in one diagram to understand whether all efforts are heading to the right direction. If not, this diagram will help you immediately identify potential for improvement.