Doubts ?!

Are there any reasons to have doubts...

about the quality of your SAP CRM System landscape?

Do you think your sales documents should run faster with all these application servers you have installed? Do you only have a rough idea how error free your data transfer between ECC and CRM system is? In the corridors of your company is it rumored that CRM Middleware is not running well, but nobody can show you where and why?

If you would answer only one of these questions with “Yes”, then it is time for an assessment of your CRM system landscape performed by an independent company with a solid understanding of the technology and many years of experience. We can provide you the ability to determine where the slowdowns are, whether they are with your CRM Middleware or not.

Just a one day “Quick System Analysis (QSA)” will narrow down possible problem areas and can give direction on where to troubleshoot next. A “Comprehensive System Analysis (CSA)” will provide you with a detailed documentation of your system and will point out some potential areas for improvement (3 to 5 days depending on size of system landscape). These services can be delivered remote or onsite.

If you need to load big data volumes short before roll-out to your systems, but you want to be prepared for all eventualities? “Guarded Load Service (GLS)” can help and accelerate your load processes. Perhaps you need to roll-out, but you have no clue how your system will react when project meets reality? “Attended Roll Out (ARO)” is a robust approach, to help you ensure system stability even in times of heavy load.

You went live, but now you want to know how to keep the systems running? A three-day workshop “ProActive CRM System Management” can provide you with some important key metrics to keep things running smoothly. Afterwards you may desire to obtain additional training for your staff and we provide that through our “Onsite Consulting Support (OCS)” service, which can be tailored to fit and supplement your staff’s existing skillset. For smaller organizations who may not have dedicated IT or CRM staff, we provide “Remote System Support (RSS)” (2 to 6 hours per day) and you have a permanent access during the whole contract life cycle to experts with experience in questions regarding SAP CRM and ERP.

These services can be delivered by IMCoSTAR GmbH in Germany, several countries in Europe and worldwide through various access points in Chile, USA and India.

IMCoSTAR GmbHInternational IT Management Consulting. Services, Training, Administration Resources. is an independent consulting company with several very experienced consultants at various locations worldwide, covering all important SAP CRM and also ERP application areas like CRM Sales, SD, MEP, payment specialities and others. Special area of expertise is CRM System Management, so everything related to operational concepts how to run a SAP CRM System Landscape.

Depending on the language you prefer to get our services, we can support you from these locations: Chile, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA (Houston area, Washington D.C.).

In these languages: Chinese, French, German, English, Hungarian, Indian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact Please refer to “doubts”. You will get immediate response.